LiDAR Demo Days

In partnership with ROCK Robotic, join us for an immersive LIDAR Demo Day where you can get up close and personal with the future of aerial LIDAR and SLAM capture, thanks to the all-new R3pro sensor from ROCK Robotic. Don't miss this hands-on experience, coming to over 15 cities from late August
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Workshop Overview

What Is LiDAR?

Learn about LiDAR and how it is quickly transforming the industry

Live Data Capture

Experience LIVE aerial LiDAR data capture in the field

SLAM & More

Learn about SLAM and how you can create accurate 3D models in any GPS denied environment.

FREE Sample Data

Get access to all our sample data that we capture during our in-person event!


Make this your opportunity to get hands on with LiDAR live!


Not only will you learn about LiDAR but also get to connect and network with other enthusiast! 

Meet Your Instructor

Dylan Gorman

Dylan Gorman is an experienced commercial drone pilot with over 10 years of experience, the last 5 of which have been focused on drone photogrammetry. He has completed and managed over 5000 flight missions in this field and has a successful track record in the industry. Gorman has also sold a drone business and now works as an educator in the drone space, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.




What LiDAR sensor will be at the workshop?

Experience the cutting-edge power of aerial LiDAR with ROCK Robotic's flagship sensor, the R3pro, at our exclusive event. In partnership with ROCK Robotic, we'll be showcasing this groundbreaking technology - an event not to be missed!

Do I need to bring my own drone?

No! PilotByte will be providing all equipment for the workshop demo!

Is a Part 107 required to attend?

No! This event is open to anyone who is wanting to learn more about LiDAR

 Have any questions?

Have a question before enrolling for a workshop? Chat with your workshop instructor (Dylan Gorman) about any questions you may about about the workshop and what you'll be learning. Schedule your call by clicking the button below