Meet the ROCK Robotic R3 Pro

The easiest, most accurate way to capture 3D data from the sky or on the ground.

You Witnessed The R3Pro In Action At Our Workshop - What's Next?

Interested in getting your own kit? We are here to help you in 3 simple steps!

#1 Inquiry About A System

Go though our inquiry form to see the pre-built bundles that we have put together. Tell us what you like and schedule a time to chat with Dylan Gorman.

#2 Work With Our Team For Your Perfect Kit 

Work directly with Dylan Gorman on setting up your perfect, ready to fly kit from 4 different bundles that we offer. If there is something else that you want it's easy to add, remove or change anything.

#3 Get A System In Your Hands

Once you are satisfied with your kit, we will send you an invoice and a system will be on it's way! We make it an easy process to get exactly what you want and quickly.
*DISCLAIMER* Pilot Byte makes a small commission on any product sales. If you attended the workshop, we kindly ask that you work with our team on ordering any ROCK hardware and software packages. Thank you in advance
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Next Level 3D Mapping

Survey-Grade (±3cm accuracy)
Hesai Pandar XT32 Sensor (ROCK R3 PRO) XT16 Sensor (ROCK R3)
Triple-band GNSS receiver
Capture 1.28 million points per second (R3 PRO)
26MP detachable camera
Lightweight 1.20kg (2.6 lbs)

Detachable 26MP Camera

Colorize LiDAR data and produce Orthomosaics at the same time in one flight
PPK-corrected Orthophotos
26MP high-resolution mapping camera
Seamless integration with DroneDeploy, Pix4D, and other leading software processing tools 
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Mission Planning & Real-Time Data

Automatic LiDAR calibration
View data in real-time
Control the LiDAR directly from you controller
Mission Plan: corridor, area, waypoint
Easily upload KML files
DJI M300/350 

Seamless Drone Integration

Skyport connection for both power and data communication
Fixed lever arm for better accuracy
Take control and mission plan the R3 from your DJI Smart Controller with ROCK Pilot APP
30% lighter than R360 for increased flight times
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Handheld 3D Mapping

Lightweight handheld SLAM accessory
Go from the air (GPS-Available) to indoors (GPS-Denied)
Long lasting all day power (ROCK Battery included)
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