Drone Photogrammetry Workshop 2.0

Learn live and in-person at one of our 6 locations!

Workshop Overview

What you will be learning

 What Is Photogrammetry?

 We will go over the fundamentals and origin of photogrammetry.

 What Drones To Use

 A high level overview of the different kinds of drones you can use for photogrammetry and why you would pick one over the other.

Hands On Mission Planning

 You will understand the methodology behind photogrammetry missions depending on the type of deliverable you are trying to produce.

 What Are GCPs?

 We will go over what GCPs are and how you can use them for drone mapping.

 Do You Need RTK?

 This will be a basic overview of RTK-based mapping and whether you need it starting out.

Data Capture + Processing

Learn how to capture and process data live in this hands-on workshop!

Ticket Options + Pricing

Workshop Only Access

Exclusive entry to our in-person event, where you'll dive into an immersive five-hour learning experience with an industry expert. As a participant, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on data capture, processing activities in a real field environment, facilitating a practical understanding of theoretical concepts and bolstering your skills through direct application.
  • Full Workshop Access
  • Access to FULL Data From Live Capture
  • Breakfast + Lunch Included

Workshop + Online Course Bundle

Everything from "Workshop Admission" + full access to our online course "Drone Photogrammetry Mastery" at a discounted rate. This is a great option to use as a detailed study guide after attending the in-person workshop.
  • Full Workshop Access
  • Access to FULL data from live capture
  • Breakfast + Lunch Included
  • Access to "Drone Photogrammetry Master" online course (Valued at $799)

Only Access Workshop + FREE LiDAR Demo Day Access

Exclusive entry to our in-person event, and access to our LiDAR Demo Day Workshop event for FREE!
  • Everything in "Workshop Admission Only"
  • Access to LiDAR Demo Day Workshop ($29 value)
  • FREE Access to all LiDAR data

Meet Your Instructor

Dylan Gorman

Dylan Gorman is an experienced commercial drone pilot with over 10 years of experience, the last 5 of which have been focused on drone photogrammetry. He has completed and managed over 5000 flight missions in this field and has a successful track record in the industry. Gorman has also sold a drone business and now works as an educator in the drone space, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.




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 Have any questions?

Have a question before enrolling for a workshop? Chat with your workshop instructor (Dylan Gorman) about any questions you may about about the workshop and what you'll be learning. Schedule your call by clicking the button below


Do I Need To Have My Part 107 To Attend?

No! However, if you do intend on offering drone services you will require a valid Part 107 certification

Do I Need To Bring My Own Drone?

No, Pilot Byte will be providing all equipment for hands-on training

How Long Is The Workshop?

The workshop will start at 9:30am local time and run until 4-5pm