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Since 2019, our pilots have accomplished


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Drone Photogrammetry Mastery

Discover the power of drone photogrammetry with our comprehensive online course.
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In-Person Workshops & Live webinars

Upcoming events

Each month we will be hosting workshops and live online events

Meet and hear live from software engineers, drone manufacturers, and pilots
in the up and coming markets as part of our monthly webinar series! Additionally find out about in-person
workshops from photogrammetry to LiDAR training.
What we offer

Pilot Byte is dedicated to building & empowering a new generation of drone pilots.

Blogs & Case Studies
Courses & eBooks
Blogs & Case studies

Explore trending topics and
the latest uses for drones in the industry!

What's up and coming?

See what's happening in the industry. Find out what's happening in the industry and what's in development.

Guides & Tutorials 

Drone technology is constantly evolving, so there is always something new to learn when using your drone for different applications. 

Case Studies

Drones can be used for a wide range of purposes. Commercial real estate, industrial inspections, and much more use these services. Understand how drones were used in these scenarios and how they contributed to their success.
Courses & ebooks

Free & paid courses to enrich your knowledge
in the drone industry!

Learn a new skill

We provide you with a variety of learning opportunities. There are videos, eBooks, quizzes, certificates, exams, and much more. This is a great interactive learning experience!

Pass your Part 107
 (Coming soon)

Are you interested in getting your Part 107 certificate? We offer a course to help you pass the exam. Pay once, own for life! In addition, it is constantly updated with the latest FAA regulations and rules!

Empower your mind

Browse our free eBooks and course guides! There's lots to learn here, and we are always adding new material! 
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Learn from industry leaders

Join our free monthly webinars where we speak with industry leaders in software, hardware and out in the field. Find inspiration for what you too can accomplish with drone tech.

Community Forum (coming soon)

Network and engage with other drone professionals in our community forum. 

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Frank D.

Attended Richmond Workshop
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Amy B.

Attended Orlando Workshop
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Jon M.

Speaker at NYC Workshop
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Arthur N.

Attended Atlanta Workshop

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