How to Build a Successful Drone Mapping Business with DroneDeploy

Mar 15 / Dylan Gorman

Building a drone-based business in 2022 is much more competitive than it was a few years ago. 

Drones and drone mapping are becoming increasingly popular for various industries. In this blog post, I'll provide a detailed guide on how to start a successful drone mapping business using DroneDeploy - the leading drone mapping software.

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What is Drone Mapping and Photogrammetry?

Drone mapping, also known as photogrammetry, involves making measurements from drone photos to create detailed 2D maps and 3D models. It's the same technology used for Google Maps satellite imagery.

To create drone maps, you need software like DroneDeploy that automates drone flights and captures imagery that can be stitched together. DroneDeploy has over 5,000 business clients worldwide for good reason - it's easy to use, plans flights, automates drone operations, and enables you to access maps and data from anywhere.

Key Benefits of Drone Mapping

  • High-resolution 2D maps and 3D models of sites
  • Accurate measurements of areas, volumes, elevations etc.
  • Monitoring changes over time e.g. construction progress Identifying problems e.g. damages, erosion, vegetation health
  • Planning and survey data without need for extensive field work
  • Presenting details of project sites to clients/stakeholders
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DroneDeploy makes it simple to get all this valuable information from drone maps. Their tools can instantly generate reports with stockpile volumes, cut and fill details, roof measurements and more.

Essential Gear for Drone Mapping

To start mapping, you'll need:

  • DroneDeploy account
  • A supported drone such as DJI Phantom or Inspire
  • Smartphone or tablet to run DroneDeploy app
  • Batteries, controllers, cases etc

Steps for Drone Mapping with DroneDeploy

Here's an overview of how to map with DroneDeploy:
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  • Plan mission on site or in advance via DroneDeploy
  • Set flight parameters - altitude, overlap, camera angle
  • Double check location hazards, airspace restrictions
  • Launch drone to required altitude
  • Start automated data capture flight
  • Land drone safely when finished
  • Upload images to DroneDeploy for processing
  • Access maps, 3D models, measurement tools in the cloud!

Building a Drone Mapping Business

To build a successful drone mapping business, focus on industries that can benefit from aerial insights like:
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  • Construction - monitor progress and identify issues
  • Agriculture - analyze crop health, volume calculations
  • Insurance - assess damage for claims
  • Real estate - present properties with 3D models
  • Solar/wind farms - survey sites and inspect panels/turbines
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Leverage DroneDeploy's excellent features like AG Insights for agriculture, volume calculation tools and more specialized functionality. Use their 30-day free trial to showcase the value to clients. Over time, build up case studies showcasing ROI.

Why DroneDeploy is Key

DroneDeploy reduces the headaches of processing drone data yourself. It's an end-to-end solution that handles planning, flight automation, cloud processing, analysis and sharing. No need for powerful computers - it's all done in the cloud!

Their constant innovation like 360 Walk-through's integrated with maps make DroneDeploy the go-to choice for drone mapping.


Drone mapping is a lucrative opportunity for commercial drone pilots. With user-friendly tools from DroneDeploy that handle the heavy lifting, it's easier than ever to start mapping and build a successful drone services business.