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Dive into the heart of drone expertise with Pilot Byte, where education meets elevation. Drawing from our instructors' extensive real-world knowledge, we offer a rich tapestry of learning experiences. From meticulously curated online courses to in-depth technical training, our offerings have propelled over 5,000 enthusiasts to excel and be inspired in the competitive world of drones.
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Whether it's launching your drone venture or mastering technical skills — we're your pathway to success.
Master the fundamentals of drone mapping with over 20 hours of video training, guides and live job shadows.
Unlock drone industry insights with our recorded 2-day virtual workshop, led by experts, focusing on the power of drone photogrammetry for career advancement.

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A comprehensive understanding of understanding thermal imaging.

Build a foundation to understand and apply GIS and remote sensing concepts.

Learn the in-depth instruction on obtaining drone airspace authorizations, including navigating FAA processes.

Build a solid foundation in the use of drone technology for vegetation monitoring and assessment.

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"The workshop was great...there's a wealth of opportunities for me, and I intend to fully take advantage of it!"
Arthur nerbas
"I was privileged to take a class with Dylan Gorman...I will honestly say for what I expected, I got enough information where I feel comfortable enough to go out on my own."
Stephanie Allen
"...now that I've got the workshop under my belt, I've learned that he's (Dylan Gorman) doubly informative at these workshops. Don't hesitate to come!"
Frank Dombrowski