GCP 101 - Master Ground Control Points for Drone Mapping

Master the fundamentals of GCPs, unravel its workings, and learn to create accurate drone data effortlessly. Learn for FREE in this online course.

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What's in this free course:

Get a full understanding of GCPs and how it can improve your drone mapping data for your clients.

What is GCPs?

Learn about what GCPs are and how it can improve your aerial data.

Free practice data!

Process your own GCP data with free sample data in this course!

Understanding Coordinate Systems

Get a concise overview of the coordinate systems work for GCP data collection

Master setting control points

*Learn the simplified method for setting your own control points*

Data processing workflow

Learn step-by-step how to process and create accurate GCP based drone data

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Lessons In This Free Course

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Creating Your Own Control Points

Learn how to create and capture your own control points easier than ever! 
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Step-By-Step Processing Guide

A Complete video and a detailed written step-by-step guide for you to follow at your own pace.