RTK 101 - Mastering RTK For Drone Mapping

Master the fundamentals of RTK, unravel its workings, and learn to capture drone data effortlessly. Learn for FREE in this online course.
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What's in this free course?

Get a full understanding of RTK and how it can improve your drone mapping data for your clients.

What is RTK?

Learn about what RTK is and how it can improve your aerial data.

Creating your own RTK system

Don't have access to a FREE network? No problem! Get a step-by-step guide on creating your own RTK network.

Understanding GNSS

Get a concise overview of the history and development of GNSS

Master DJI D-RTK 2

Get accurate data every time with mastering the use of D-RTK 2 base station system

NTRIP Corrections

Understand why and how NTRIP is used for precise data capture with drones for RTK use cases

Connect to free RTK networks

Gain access to thousands of FREE RTK networks anywhere in the world!

Learn In The Field

Get a hands-on approach to setting up RTK in the field and using it to capture centimeter level accurate data with ease.
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RTK Data Processing

After capturing your data, learn how to quickly and easily process your RTK accurate data in any post processing software for mapping and photogrammetry.

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