Our Workshop Panelists

Matthew Byrd

Innovation in the Built Environment | Podcast & Conference Host | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Global Community Builder | Reality Capture Advisor
Matthew Byrd is a visionary leader, influencer, and expert in the world of construction technology and reality capture. He is devoted to enabling companies worldwide to leverage new technologies and workflows to convert real-world project data into digital environments. His mission is to inspire change through innovation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Julia Guerra

Virtual Construction, Drones and Technology
Julia is on specialized team of construction support staff within Black & Veatch that serves jobsites across the world. Her implementation scope supports various technology solutions including but not limited to reality capture, Procore, Autodesk products, DroneDeploy and AgTek.
As the in house Drone SME, Julia leads Drone program training, implementation, research, development and data collection.
Julia is responsible for autonomous machinery implementation including scalability, documentation, proof of concept, return on investment, and field testing.

Jason San Souci

Geospatial & UAS Pioneer | Championing Neurodiversity | Innovator in Remote Sensing & Analytics | Driving Strategic Growth
Jason is a passionate advocate for neurodiversity world, he began his deep dive into this realm in his 40s, leading him to view it as both a superpower and a competitive advantage. As an Autistic Drone Scientist, Nonprofit Co-Founder, and seasoned Geospatial Tech & Remote Sensing Expert, Jason brings over 20 years of experience in the field. Fun fact: Jason can consume 30 chicken nuggets in one sitting.

Kim Stock

Wingtra Chick / Part 107 Drone Pilot / kim-possible / human
US Enterprise Business Development Executive at Wingtra. Wingtra is the world's leading VTOL drone producer, headquartered in Switzerland. Since its market entry in early 2017, Wingtra has partnered with more than 80 of the biggest surveying equipment dealers across 50+ countries worldwide.

Eno Umoh

Drone Consultant & Business Coach | The Drone Consultant's Digest | FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot | Entrepreneur | Globetrotter
"I’m always asked…..what made you get into drones?"
Eno can point to a number of factors like his desire for a career change, his knack for entrepreneurship, his curiosity, and the feeling he felt when he first flew a drone. Since entering the industry in 2015, Eno has been able to travel to 24 countries, teach thousands of students on drone technology, and help over 300 drone businesses around the world start their own drone business journey.

Rebecca Lehman

Social Impact | ESG | Sustainability | GIS
Rebecca is the Senior ESG & Social Impact Manager over at DroneDeploy.org. DroneDeploy.org's mission is to provide the tools for everyone to
capture their reality and use this power and knowledge to shape the future.
Our partners are using reality capture technology to improve lives by
increasing safety, efficiency and impact. Dronedeploy.org has three focus
areas where are product delivers: community engagement, crisis response,
and wildlife conservation.